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Thu 17, 2014

Hilt Journal and director Jacob Harmer follow three fisherman working off the coast of Hastings. A brief insight into a much bigger story, documenting the clothes we live in. Not fashion. Clothes!. It’s about overcoming the elements, owning your work and the pride in your independence.

Fri 11, 2014
Fri 11, 2014
Yuketen Eric Fog Boot

This is an Eric Fog boot. Beautiful isn’t it? Too good for feet. Founded in 1995, the Japanese shoe maker Yuki Matsuda has developed a serious cult following for boot enthusiast all over the world. Hand-cut and bench made with meticulous goodyear stitching. yuketen

Fri 11, 2014
Additional Front Cardigan

A French workman’s jacket and a soft Japanese coat have a baby. A unique collarless and buttonless cardigan by Japanese label ts(s). Kind of a mid-layered waist coat thingy that you can also totally wear as a jacket in summer. notsohardwork

Wed 26, 2014

You’ll find me entombed in ice halfway up the mountain. A hipster flask of Kraken rum in the right, ice pick in the left, wearing Visvim boots and this. It’s entirely possible that the reason I died up here in the first place is because I chose to wear this anorak and other garments that should never see weather, but damn it looked so soo good when I threw it on. A Lightweight pullover cotton/nylon blend anorak with wide, round drawstring hood and neck. axs

Tue 25, 2014

“Welcome, please make your self at home and take a… No not there”. Hand-rubbed mahogany wood and stitched heavy, 13oz. English bridle leather come together to create the most beautiful finger trapping machine I’ve ever seen. Routed, sanded and finished by hand in Portland by Eddie Miranda. tannergoods

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