Wed 22, 2015 Written by: Mark Thompson

Ishinomaki Laboratory Stool Kit

My parents would howl in absolute disgust if they found out I paid a hundred quid for a stool. They would almost certainly chase me out of house and home with sharp stabby things if they also knew I had to build it myself. In most circumstances it’s a ridiculous ask… 

but in the wake of the March 2011 Japanese Tsunami a community project emerged from the devastated Ishinomaki city – a factory was established and work began to rebuild a community. In the beginning, Ishinomaki Laboratory was simply a common utility area for locals to conduct their own work with lumber and repair materials provided by volunteers. Overtime and with the interest of legendary designer Herman Miller, the factory became a fully working school and design studio. So you can see that buying one of these stools is adding to the reconstruction of a city and community. It’s beautiful, it’s balanced, it’s calming and reassuringly simple. Check them out here at SCP

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