Tue 22, 2015 Written by: Mark Thompson

Rains X Sperry Topsider

H2O haters RAINS have teamed up with American sailing brand Sperry. I mean this totally makes sense; right? Where are all the water-proof shoes anyway? I write this as I look down after walking home from the studio. I’m wearing suede Clarks, it’s wet, and my toe caps are flecked like a painters radio.

Copenhagen’s RAINS have always been a respected brand of mine, producing wearable water proofing gear at a humble price point. If we’re talking sailing shoes, then this definitely makes sense. If we’re talking a commute through London in these sodden autumn months; well then, that makes sense too. Designs based on the familiar classic Sperry Topsider silhouette and a modest plimsole iteration. Sperry

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