Wed 30, 2015 Written by: Mark Thompson

Design — Channel 4 Rebrand

Twitter is going bat shit crazy over channel 4’s rebrand and specifically the series of stings/idents that support it. As usual an initial spout of bemusement unfortunately projected as hate is being thrown around over what I think to be some fantastic and progressive creative work. The new brand is centred around the ownership of an all familiar shard element that makes up the classic logo mark.

Those who remember Lambie Nairn’s classic 4 logo, first created in 1982 will totally appreciate that this new idea hasn’t just sprung up from no where (as if any idea ever does). It’s a wonderful iteration and development of a brand and logo mark that was too iconic too ignore. “We went back to the start, we went back to the iconic Lambie-Nairn 4… and we broke it apart. It was incredibly liberating,”. A dream team comprising of 4 creative, creative agency DBLG, Neville Brody and Jonathan Glazer.

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